About HillGuards

Our mission is to help prospective entrepreneurs learn more about the business of running a dog and cat boarding facilities, including the practical, financial and legal aspects involved.

Our own know-how comes from 15 years in the pet boarding business, which has grown and thrived over the years, in the face of great challenges, foreseen and not. Our facility can accommodate up to 50 dogs and up to 25 cats. The owner-managers live on site, making them available 24 hours a day for anything our boarders need.


Hillguards is set on ten beautiful acres just outside the city, a 30-minute drive from the airport. Our location makes it easy for our clients to drop their pets off and pick them up enroute to and from their flights. Our entire property is fenced with 6-foot high heavy duty steel fencing and locked gates – this ensures that all our boarders are 100% safe, even if they do somehow escape their enclosures.

Once clients are buzzed in through the front gate, they can view the property as they come down the driveway. Hillguards is flanked by wooded areas on three sides, creating a peaceful, eco-friendly buffer from the bustle of the world outside. There are a number of trails within our property, which allow us to exercise the more high energy boarders for longer periods and in more challenging terrain than in our exercise yard.

The Facility

The facility itself is divided into two sections, one for cats and the other for dogs. We do on occasion board small pets like rabbits, hamsters and birds, though this is solely at the management’s discretion and dependent on whether we have other similar boarders at the time.

The smaller block houses our cattery. Each boarder or bonded group (of up to 5) is housed in an individual pod. Each pod consists of a small insulated room – cooled in the summer, warmed in the winter – with several high perches and hideouts. A concealed litter box, cleaned each day, is available for cats who prefer privacy. Each pod also lets out onto a small fenced enclosure, allowing boarders to get fresh air, watch the world go by and enjoy the sunshine when they feel like it. Several raised platforms and perches are also available in these enclosures.

Doggie running in Hill Guards

The larger block to the north is home to our kennels. These are further subdivided into the special care section and the general care section. The special care section allows our staff to keep a close watch on elderly, sick or otherwise needy boarders who need extra attention. The staff station is right next to the special care section and each kennel is fitted with CCTV. There are 6 kennels in this section.

The general care section is comprised of 30 kennels, able to house between 1 and 3 dogs each. Larger groups can be accommodated by opening the built-in hatches between kennels, up to a maximum of 7 dogs. Each kennel has an automatic water dispenser, raised sleeping area and access to a small outdoor run. Kennels are all well insulated in order to keep an optimal temperature, whatever the season.